Each and every client’s satisfaction is important to us. Testimonials from our clients are an indication of the personal connection that we value so greatly at BLUEMove International Relocation. Here are a few….

Hi Mark,

Everything with the delivery went well. I’m almost finished unpacking…. Everything arrived in one piece!!

I’d be happy to provide a reference if you have any prospective clients that would like one. I was extremely happy with all the information you provided, concerning the entire process. It was also a pleasure working with you. Have a great summer.

Tammy S.
Falls Church, VA, to Geneva, Switzerland


I’ve been meaning to write. The move went beautifully. The guys were prompt, courteous and professional. Although we have not fully unpacked yet, everything looks to be in good shape. All in all, this has been the best moving experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve moved a lot. Could not be happier. I would be happy to pen a recommendation, of you’d like.

-Ron R
Massachusetts to Oxford, UK

Wow…really three weeks!!! Unbelievable. I better organize the storage as soon as I arrive London.

Once again many thanks Mark – are you really you… it is just too good to be true (joking). I’m truly speechless, I don’t know how to thank you enough for your stellar customer service.

Katie R,
Washington, DC, to London, UK


I am very happy with the service. There were no problems at all from Baltimore to Sweden. Your team on both sides were professional and did a great job! Thanks a lot and you can consider
me a reference if you ever need one.

Washington, DC, to Stockholm, Sweden

Hi, Mark,

Sorry, I’ve been busy unpacking and enjoying weather and Easter in Provence. I had hoped that the folks from Marseille gave you a quick readout– Violaine was an amazing communicator and a model of efficiency (and a wonderful Marseilles accent to boot!). I loved fact I had no customs or TVA to pay, as you can imagine…. I sent her a beautiful pot of pink “Hortensias” with the moving crew. They were excellent, too — very quick and polite. It was a real pleasure to deal with all of you. You’ll certainly be high on my referrals list!

Best wishes from here,
Frances C.
Washington, DC, to France

Dear Mark,

I’ve meant to write you well before now, about the high quality of my move, both the packing from Mt. Rainier, MD, and the arrival here, in Leiden. While I was woefully unprepared for the packing, your crew did an excellent job. Not one thing was broken or lost (as far as I can tell; I’m still unpacking books). The Brussels crew on this side also did an excellent job. The only casualty was an inexpensive lamp shade. The Belgians somehow put a box on top of it!
From the time of your estimate to the time of my move, I spoke with numerous friends and colleagues about the price you gave me. Without exception, they all said that it was well within the right range. Since I’ve worked with lots of people in the container shipping business, their view was an assurance that I’d been given a good price. The receipt here was aided by the fact that Eddy’s Brussels group processed my things through Customs as part of the so I incurred no delay or even processing of my things, not to mention any possible duties.

Above all, your calm handling of my move helped so much to calm me. Any move is exhausting and stressful, but you and your crews on both sides did a wonderful job for me, and I so appreciate it. Please feel free to quote from this note as reference to future clients.

Thanks again.

Pamala B
Bethesda, MD, to The Netherlands

Dear Mr. Spitzer,

The delivery was there just in time, as requested on september 4th. Your agent in France had done some preliminery check at my address and they had provided a small van to shuttle between the container and the house in case they would not have been able to park near the house. In fact there was some parking available by the door and things went very smoothly, but I do appreciate they had thought of possible contingency. The people who actually delivered were very helpful and professional. They were themselves very impressed by the quality of the packing job in Washington. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

I’ll make sure to relay my satisfaction to the Embassy people.

Again thank you for your help. BlueMove did an excellent job on this one.

Regis B.
Washington, DC, to France