Understanding the Move Process

There are many activities involved in an international move. Although packing and transporting your items are the most visible of these, they are only two of the many steps involved in the move process. To help you understand these steps, we are providing the following description of each activity. At all times, BLUEmove will be there to answer questions and work with you to make your move a success.

The Pre-Move Survey

Our surveyor will visit your home at a time that is convenient to you to view the household goods and personal effects to be moved. It is important to show the surveryor all the items that must be included in the move. Our surveyor will estimate the volume and packing requirements for your move. During this time we will also need to know your departure date, arrival date at origin, and if your new home will be available to move. Also, we will need to disuses your specific needs and service requirements. This will allow us to cater our service to your move and make sure all details are met. In many cases, your move dates and time frame can be arranged at this time.

Prior to the Move Date

Before the crew arrives it is important to have all your documents and your travel itinerary completed and submitted to your move coordinator. Should your plans change prior to this, please notify us to allow time for changes to be made. If your move requires separate segments as with Air, Sea and Storage, these items should be separated and clearly identified.

Move Day

Our “Team Blue” will arrive and do an assessment of your home prior to packing and loading. If there are any changes since the survey, please advise our “Team Blue” Chief at this time. Any items such as passports and other importation documents that will stay with you should be placed in a separate area such as a closet or corner of a room. Depending on the size of your move, our crew will be there one, two, or more days. During this time, you can run errands and take care of the other details. It is advisable to check in during this time and be there at the completion of the move. Once all your items are packed and loaded you will need to verify everything is loaded and sign the descriptive inventory.

Children and the Move Day

It is very important to keep children, especially small children, involved and aware of what is happening. In many cases, your current home may be the only home they have ever known. As items are bring packed, such as cherished toys, they can “assist” our crew in making sure they get packed up. You will also want to keep some items to travel with and have on hand once you have arrived. As the children see the items packed and loaded, you can assure them that they will see them again once they arrive at their new home.

In Transit

Once the shipment is packed and loaded it is time to relax for a bit. This is where our work behind the scenes is taking place. We will prepare all the documentation, finalize the loading on the vessel and track your shipment as it progresses. The transit time will vary depending on the size, mode of transport and destination of your shipment. During this period, if you find a new home for delivery, or if there are any changes, you will need to advise us to allow for any necessary adjustments.

Customs at Destination

Once your shipment has arrived at the port of entry, we will clear customs and arrange delivery of your goods. Customs procedures and required documents vary in every country around the globe. In most cases, we can handle this process with the documents provided. In countries where needed, we will advise if you have to be more involved.


Once your shipment has cleared customs, we will arrange delivery of your goods. On the move-in day, our crew will deliver inside your home, unwrap and unpack as needed. Assembly of furniture, as required, will take place at this time. During the move process it is important to do “control check up” of the inventory to make sure all items have arrived.

After the Move

Once the move is completed, and all is unpacked and in its proper place, relax – you’re home! Should there be any additional questions or services needed, please let us know how we can assist you. In addition, we ask that you take a moment to complete our online survey and let us know your thoughts. We will respond to all suggestions and comments. This will allow us to continue to improve our services.