Cargo & Freight Services

BLUEmove Cargo provides logistical support through our worldwide freight and partner network. Having experience with Embassies, as well as USAID, US Government, the United Nations, NGOs, INGOs, etc., we have developed a worldwide network of trusted partner agents to see every shipment through to the most remote and difficult to reach destinations.

With extensive freight handling experience to developing countries, BLUEmove supports sustainable relief and development projects. BLUEmove works with NGOs, INGOs, relief agencies, humanitarian organizations, USAID, UN, missionaries, church/community groups, and medical services groups, in an effort to support and enhance international public service projects.

Often, as part of a project in a developing country, families and individuals travel and live in these locations, committing years of their lives to assist underdeveloped nations simply to improve quality of life. We support the employees and their families by handling personal shipping requirements, as well as project cargo with logistical and freight services for medical equipment and supplies, and donated goods and equipment, as well as personal effects, books, journals, documents, and household goods.

BLUEmove Cargo can provide organizations and individuals with the tools and equipment that they need to be effective, and we work to keep COST DOWN.

Secret to success…

Logistics Counseling and Management – Our success has been through our personalize counseling and logistics management. Moving shipments to and from the US, or between countries, requires a commitment to the customer. Understanding the freight and customs requirements from and to any country around the world is a specialized services that can only be successfully achieved through proper counseling.

When shipping these goods and freight, it is rare that any two shipments are alike. BLUEmove Cargo provides consulting and counseling on every shipment. We will work through the entire shipping process, and as a means to limit the cost, will consider all the options and best means available. Shipping to developing nations in Africa, the Far East, and Central and South America requires expertise in international freight, routing, customs, and a strong network of agents WORLDWIDE.

BLUEmove is committed to promoting positive social and economic change.

For more information about our cargo experiences, please see the attached brochure:
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