Preparing for Your Move

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Prepare a detailed valuation of your effects to move for insurance purposes (based on replacement value at destination).
  • Obtain all necessary visas, work permits and residency permits.
  • Dispose of any effects that you do not wish to move overseas.
  • Begin reducing your supply of frozen food.
  • Check that all passports are valid.
  • Check on vaccination requirements and arrange for if necessary.
  • Make arrangements to open bank and credit card accounts at destination and request bank and credit references for use overseas.
  • Obtain your family’s medical and dental records and notify the medical authorities that you are leaving the country.
  • Check regulations and organize the transportation of pets.
  • Notify your bank of your move.
  • Advise any life insurance companies of your intentions and arrange continued payment of premiums.
  • Schedule your moving date with BLUEmove International Relocation, Inc.
    NOTE: As the Summer is our busiest period, more lead-time may be required.
  • Advise us of any firearms to be included in your move, so that we can advise you of the relevant regulations and arrange for proper documentation/formalities.
  • Ask for final electricity, gas, water and telephone bills and arrange disconnection if required. Do not arrange disconnection of your telephone until the end of the last day of the removal so that we can maintain contact.
  • Cancel subscriptions (or arrange forwarding) of any magazines, book clubs etc.
  • Notify your children’s school and arrange for school records to be forwarded to the new school.

3 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Notify BLUEmove International Relocation, of your email, contact address and telephone number in the overseas after you move out of your home.
  • Also notify us of the delivery address (if known) and/or temporary address (if any).
  • Cancel all rental agreements, memberships (including sports clubs), etc.
  • Locate marriage and birth certificates.
  • If you are a returning overseas resident, locate your inbound packing inventory. This could reduce time with insurance and customs forms.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Arrange a “garage sale” of any unwanted electrical or other items you do not plan to move.
  • Dispose of alcohol, if at all possible, as this can cause problems at customs overseas. Contact us to find out more information regarding duties and regulations regarding the importation of alcohol.
  • Arrange for all mail to be forwarded.
  • Advise everyone of your change of address (post office, insurance companies, credit card companies, etc.

The Week of the Move

  • Ensure that you have labeled everything clearly, i.e. AIR/SEA/STORAGE/DO NOT PACK etc., for our packers.
  • Set aside all personal items that you will carry with you (i.e. passports, documents, work permits, any invoices for customs, jewelry, money, airline tickets, clothing and toys, etc.). Make sure that you take enough clothes to tide you over until your airfreight or seafreight shipment arrives.
  • Clean outdoor items (e.g. garden tools, toys).
  • Drain fuel from lawn mowers and garden equipment.
  • Make arrangements with your neighbors to allow enough parking space for our vehicles on the day of the move.
  • Return any rented or borrowed items, i.e. books, video tapes, etc.

The Day Before Your Move

  • Please remember to disconnect your fridge/freezer at least 24 hours before the move in order to allow defrosting and airing. Perishable foods cannot be shipped.
  • Dispose of all flammable or toxic cleaning fluids.

Moving Day

  • Relax and watch our professional staff take over.
  • If at all possible, try not to arrange travel overseas on the same day as the move, as this will tend to add to the stress involved.
  • Show the foreman exactly which goods are to be packed, pointing out items of particular concern.
  • The foreman will prepare a list of each packed item (e.g., “carton of china” NOT a list of every item in the carton). He and you will sign this as a receipt for the effects being shipped.
  • When the loading is complete, before our packers leave, please make sure that nothing has been forgotten.