International Moving Company Fairfield County, Connecticut

Preparing For an International Relocation

Most individuals have mixed emotions about moving overseas and starting a new life on foreign soil. On the one hand, there is the adrenaline rush attributed to such a bold, adventuresome move. There may also be feelings of fear and skepticism. Without a doubt, there are a number of factors involved. They range from the initial planning stage, up to and including, when your household items and personal belongings arrive at your new destination.

It’s All About Preparation

When you are searching for the right international moving company in Fairfield County, Connecticut to facilitate your move the actual packing and transporting of your possessions are key components. However, the key to a stress-free, successful move and transition into an international destination is how well you’ve prepared yourself for it. No matter where you are moving, BLUEmove International will assist you throughout the entire relocation process, including the actual preparation stage.

The process begins with our pre-move survey. One of the relocation specialists at international moving company in Fairfield County, Connecticut will come to your home. This will be done at your convenience of course; to examine all of the items you intend to include in your move. This will help the surveyor estimate the quantity or volume of items, and the packing requirements involved, as accurately as possible. At that point you can discuss your specific needs and service requirements. We can customize a relocation package that is tailored to your move.

Factors That Influence the Cost of International Shipping

The cost of an overseas move is typically influenced by three (3) key factors which typically vary from one customer to the next. As your international moving company in Fairfield County, Connecticut, BLUEmove International, Inc. will customize a relocation package in order to accommodate your requirements. Your shipping rates will be determined by these key factors:

  • Customs and taxes – These factors vary from country to country because of how each country’s regulations differ. The bottom line is that all duties and taxes must be paid in advance before your items depart.
  • Shipment mode – You have two choices here, depending on the amount of household items you want to take with you – shared container or whole container. The type of household items you are shipping plays a role in pricing, as well.
  • Transportation – Depending on your destination, shipping costs could involve air, land, and sea transportation venues. There are two (2) types of shipping operations – dock to dock and port to port.

Additional factors that influence the cost of shipping include currency adjustments, demand and supply, destination congestion charges, fuel charges, and shipping date; just to name a few.

Five Preparation Essentials of an International Relocation

No matter where you are moving and when you are planning on making that move, there are five (5) preparation essentials that are common to international relocation:

  • Dress in the appropriate clothing – You should do some research regarding this issue as some countries are extremely finicky about the way the local citizenry should dress. For example, women should not wear low-cut blouses, short skirts, tank tops, or tight shirts when relocating to the Middle East.
  • Embassy registration – The US State Department is able to communicate important information via their STEP or “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.” You should register for this program at your local embassy office before departing overseas.
  • Learn the basic language – Communication is essential to any international relocation. You want to learn the basic phrases and words such as “goodbye”, “hello”, “thank you”, and so on. The longer you are in country, the more fluent you will become, provided you get help from the locals, and work on educating yourself in the language.
  • Visa requirements – Every country is different where visa requirements are concerned. With a little bit of research and a Google search, you’ll be able to find out any country’s requirements. So, address this issue prior to your departure. We, as an international moving company in Fairfield County, Connecticut, can help you.
  • Visit your physician – Your health and well-being should be one of your first concerns whenever you are relocating internationally. BLUEmove International recommends visiting the CDC website. Research what is required in the way of immunizations and vaccinations, based on your destination. Then follow up with your health care provider or physician.

The information above should help you prepare for your move. As your international moving company in Fairfield County, Connecticut, BLUEmove International will ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today and find out why ‘we are small enough to care about each family’s move, but large enough to service your needs worldwide.’